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Build strong concept fundamentals with lectures from IITians.

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Master concepts well ahead of exams with our structured long-term programs that add a significant competitive edge with multiple months dedicated to comprehensive problem-solving.

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Elevate your problem-solving standard with our extensive library of practice questions covering all topics in detail. Learn advanced techniques used by IITians to boost accuracy and speed.

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Level up your learning experience through detailed performance analytics and benchmark-based estimators for accurate feedback, tailored recommendations, and tangible learning outcomes.

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Complete learning platform for JEE | NEET | OLYMPIADS - INMO, INPHO, INAO, INOI | FOUNDATION | BOARDS.

Tezprep is your one-stop solution to perfecting your learning journey. Our data-based, personalised platform allows you to pick a topic and master it through continuous, feedback-based training.

A brainchild of IIT and BITS Alumni.